Louise and Kannan

We cannot rave enough about how great Glö has been for us. Firstly it is hugely personalisable – between the different designs, ability to import images, music, videos, widgets, etc. we felt that we were able to get our ‘personality’ across as a couple far better than anything any other invite and websites offering could have provided us. The amount of positive feedback and the WOW factor generated by our Glövites and Glösite far exceeded anything I could have anticipated. Secondly, it is incredibly convenient – I really have no idea how people actually try to manage the whole guest list, RSVP thing without something like this. As soon as the invites went out I could track responses in real time and spot where there were issues and chase up…..and, Thirdly the support offered by Glö was really amazing. 

At first I was a bit apprehensive about sending on-line invites – but decided to bite the bullet and just send the online invites to everyone. A testament to its success was the quote from my 80+ year old Irish grandmother (who literally just has an email address and little more) who rang my parents after receiving the invite to say how much she loved it :)

Sussi & Tobi

Sending Glövites and collecting RSVPs on our site saved us a million hours and removed the stress. Our guests thought Glö invitations were great - very cool. We felt it was something that really made our wedding celebration stand out.

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Fenella & Stuart

Glövites are fabulous! We can design our own invitation and upload it - the envelope animation is super cool. This is why we used Glö - our invites were different, special and très cool.

(Plus, the RSVP functionality is great. It's very helpful to have open-ended and multiple-choice questions, along with the typical yes/no.) 


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Bride K (on a Practical Wedding)

This. Is. Awesome.

After playing with the free trial, my fiance and I decided to use Glo. It is so worth the money! It is way quicker than creating paper invites. It is way cheaper than sending paper invites. Plus, there’s no waste! I think it saved me a couple hundred dollars, hours and hours of work (the initial writing up and entering of everything took at most four or five hours and I can keep tweaking), and lots of stress. It was actually fun!

I highly recommend this, especially for the non-crafty bride/groom, who still want good looking invitations without paying someone to create them or tearing their own hair out while trying to make their own.

Maya & Freddy

It is a really easy and complete solution. You don't need to be a tech savvy and it makes your events really manageable.

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Shanelle & Mike

Thank you for creating this site! We just sent our Save the Dates out a couple of days ago, and everyone flipped! They all loved how simple the site design is and how easy it is to use. We love that as well! Your site has honestly made this whole thing so much easier and void of stress (well, sort of). Thank you!!!!!!!!

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April and Todd

Glö really gives a fabulous true invitation feel and is completely unique to anything I've seen or experienced with the weddings I've attended.

Ilene & Victor

Glö is the only site that has such full functionality. It is as if the founders have planned for every contingency.


Photo by Spencer Boerup Photography

Lindsay and Graham

We absolutely love Glö, and all of our friends and relatives are saying how easy it is to use (from a guests point of view.) We love it because it gives us great functionality and means that I do not have to cut and stuff invites, etc (YES!!) Plus, I love it that people with iPhones etc. can check the website at any point if they forget details of the wedding day etc, and have all the info at their fingertips!


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Sara and Ed

I must say that Glö is WONDERFUL!  Finding you was truly perfect timing as my wedding in August was rapidly approaching, and I was trying to figure out some low-stress and neat way to get information to guests beyond the typical ways and the high-cost and high materials modes that never really appealed to me!  Enter your great Glösite to save the day!

Alyssa and Evan

You so totally rock for making Glo! I can't even begin to express how relieved we were when we found Glo and how excited we are about the invitations. If you ever need someone to write, "This is totally AWESOME!" all over your blog, I would be happy to do it :)

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Kerri and Michael

Glö has enabled me to keep my guestlist organized, send classy email blasts, and create a very detailed and organized website. It is my mini-command center for online communication with guests.


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Emma and Nic

This option to use Glo has helped us save SO MUCH MONEY - money we can use for things like dresses - Beautiful, beautiful dresses. And wine! AND everyone we have shown the site to LOVES it.

Joanna and Evan

The feedback on the Glovite and our website has been great!! (People are loving the slide show...a great feature that it can display right on the page.)

Karen and Gerben

An organised and efficient way to manage the admin and logistical site of planning wedding, plus very helpful for guests to obtain info and respond, saving time for both parties. Furthermore, lots of options to personalise the whole invitation experience.

Cristine and Greg

Its been great not worrying about all of the communicating that needs to be done with guests. Everything is in one place and I love that I can create my own pages.