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General Help & FAQ page

Q: What is Glö?

A: Glö offers a modern-minded alternative (or complement) to sending paper invitations, save-the-date cards and/or paper RSVP cards. Our offer combines online invitations, coordinated wedding websites (with lots of customization options) and smart RSVP and guest list management that knows which guest is RSVPing and allows guests to view and update previous responses for themselves and others in their household.

Glö was born from the idea that weddings and wedding planning can be modernized without sacrificing sophistication. It is a smart, savvy option that can be customized to reflect your unique personality, is great for guests, and also helps save trees – that's what we call modern-minded.

Q: What packages does Glö offer?

A: We currently have the following subscription packages:

Complete Celebration Packages
Includes unlimited stationery (Glövites), a wedding website (Glösite) and guest list & RSVP management

  • The Intimate Celebration Complete Package for those with 1-100 people in their guest list
  • The Large Celebration Complete Package for those with 101+ people in their guest list

The Light package: includes a wedding website (Glösite) and guest list & RSVP management. The light package does not include online stationery (Glövites.)

View subscription costs on our pricing page

Q: Why are your subscriptions priced in US dollars?

A: We charge one price worldwide rather than different prices in different countries. (We didn't think it was fair to risk charging some of our customers more just because of where they live.) We charge in US dollars because this is a currency which people in many countries are familiar with.

If you would like to know the exchange rate between US dollars and your home currency, we can recommend the website

Q: How do you protect my privacy?

A: We protect, secure and never sell your data. We do not sell our customer lists period. We use the latest encryption methods to ensure all your information is locked securely away. Only approved administrators have access to your data and treat your privacy and security with upmost importance.

See our Privacy Policy for more details

Q: What about my guests' details? How do you protect my guests' privacy?

A: We never, ever share your guests' details with anyone. This includes the information that you provide to us (their email addresses, etc.), as well as any RSVP information they provide via your website (Glösite.) We take your guests' privacy very seriously, this is why we password protect your Glösite. Your guests choose their own passwords and this makes their RSVP details doubly secure.

Q: I've signed up, but I can't log into my account. I never received the activation email.

A: In order to log into your account the first time, you will need to register as well as click on the link in your activation email.

If you haven't received the activation email in your inbox, check to see if it has gone to your spam box – if it has, be sure to add to your address book to ensure future emails don't go to spam

If the email is not in your inbox or your spam folder, email us at and we can activate your account for you.