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Events & RSVPs

Q: What are Events and RSVPs on Glö?

A: Events are all of the particular events and activities that make up your celebration. An example of the types of events that weddings include could be a ceremony, a reception, a rehearsal dinner. Your celebration may also include social events leading up to or after the wedding day, such as a Bar Night, Golf Outing, Bridesmaid lunch, etc. You can even include events that take place earlier in the year like the hen/bachelorette party or stag/bachelor party.

RSVPs are any questions that you would like to ask your guests about a particular event. The most standard question is “Are you attending?” However, you may want to ask your guests to answer other questions that will aid in your planning, such as what they would like to eat at a particular event, when they are arriving/departing, whether they would like baby sitting services, what dance songs they want to hear, etc. With Glö, you can ask whatever you need to know in order to make planning easier.

Q: Is there a way to invite only certain guests to an event (e.g., the rehearsal dinner)

A: Yes. We know that sometimes it is not possible (or desirable) to include every guest at every event. To select which guests can view each event, use the following steps:

  • In 'Manage Events & RSVPs' create an event and fill out the relevant information.
  • Click on 'select guests' on the menu for that event - here you will see a list of all the guests in your guest list
  • Select the guests you would like to invite by ticking the check box next to their name
  • Click 'Update guests'

This event and it's related RSVP questions will now be visible to the selected guests on your Glösite (once you have provided them with the link and they have logged on of course!)

Q: I don't see any RSVP questions when I preview my Glösite. Help!

A: Your Glösite is set up to only show events and RSVP questions to those guests who are added to each event's guest list. There are two ways that you can see how your Events and RSVP questions will appear on your Glösite:

Add yourself as a guest for all events

  • In 'Manage Guest list' - Add yourself as a guest -- use the same email address you use to log into Glö.
  • In 'Manage Events & RSVPs' click on 'select guests' for each event. Check the box next to your name and click 'Update guests'
  • Click on in the lower left of your screen to see your Glösite.
  • You should be able to see all your events and RSVP questions, as they will appear to other guests who are on the guest lists for each event.

Preview what each of your guests will see on your Glösite

  • In 'Manage Events & RSVPs,' click on 'select guests'
  • Select the guests you would like to invite to this event and click 'Update”
  • Repeat for all other events
  • Return to 'select guests' for any of your events. Click on 'preview Glösite as this guest'
  • See your Glösite (including events and RSVP pages) exactly the way that guest will see it

Q: One or all of my events and RSVP questions are not visible to guests on my Glösite - what's happening?

A: First, check that you have "published" your events to your Glösite:

  • Go to 'Manage Events and RSVPs'
  • There is a publish icon next to each event which indicates whether the event is published or not. If an event is not published, simply click on the "publish icon" to turn it on. Clicking again, turns the publish off.

Second, check that you have added your guests to the event guest list(s)

  • Go to 'Manage Events and RSVPs'
  • Click 'select guests' next to the event in question
  • Check that the correct guests are selected. Add any additional guests who you would like to invite and click 'update' at the bottom of the page

Q: What types of RSVP questions can I ask? What is a 'yes/no', 'percentage', 'multiple choice (single answer)', 'multiple choice (choose all that apply)', 'freeform response (text)' RSVP question?

A: You can choose from 5 types of RSVP questions. Here we'll discuss each question type and give you an example of how you might use it.

Yes/No - This is a question that a guest would answer with yes or no.


  • Are you coming? Yes/No
  • Are you a vegetarian? Yes/No

Percentage - This is a question that a guest would answer by choosing a % between 0% and 100%. This type of question is often useful at the early stages of planning when you're asking guests to give the likelihood that they'll attend one or all of your events.


  • Do you think you'll be able to join us, where 0% is no way and 100% is absolutely!
  • How keen are you to go golfing, where 0% is not at all, and 100% is completely keen?

Multiple choice (choose one) - This is a question where guests are presented with multiple answers and must choose only one.

For example:

  • What would you like to eat? Chicken/Meat/Veggie
  • What day are you arriving? Thursday/Friday/Saturday

Multiple choice (choose all that apply) - This is a question where guests are presented with multiple answers and may select more than one.

For example:

  • What sights are you interested in seeing while in London? The Palace/The Tower of London/The Design Museum/The city of Bath

Freeform response (text) - This is a question where guests can write whatever they'd like as a response.

For example:

  • What songs would you like to hear?
  • What is your favorite story about us?

Q: Can I manually change my guest's RSVP answers or RSVP for guests who do not have email?

A: Yes, you can always update your guest's responses. We know that sometimes people tell you in person and that not everyone has access to email.

In 'Manage Events & RSVPs' click on the 'view RSVPs' icon next to the event

  • Scroll down the list until you find the guest's name, scroll to the right until you locate the answer you want to change
  • Click 'edit', change the response and click 'update'
  • You'll see the revised response saved in the sheet

Q: Will guests be able to view one another's RSVP responses on my Glösite?

A: Only guests in the same household will be able to view one another's RSVP responses on your Glösite. Since the Glösite is password protected, guests will only be able to log in if they are on your guest list - this way the system knows exactly who they are and what other guests are in their household. This ensures that your guests' privacy is maintained.

Q: How do you calculate # attending? Why is # attending not equal to a whole person? (e.g. 3.5)

A: We calculate the number attending based on how your guests answer the "Are you attending" RSVP question .

We have two options for answer type: yes/no and yes/no/maybe:

If you choose yes/no – your guests will be able to select either yes or no as an answer. In this case, # attending is simply the number of 'yes' answers that you have received.

If you choose yes/no/maybe, your guests will select one of 5 possible answers:

  • Yes! Definitely coming
  • Most likely coming
  • Not sure yet
  • Probably won't make it
  • Sorry, won't be able to attend

We like to give your guests five options because a "maybe" is often too ambiguous when you're trying to estimate the number who will attend for a wedding. For each of these answers, we associate a probability that the guest will attend:

Answer Probability Guest will Attend
Yes! Definitely coming 100%
Most likely coming 75%
Not sure yet 50%
Probably won't make it 25%
Sorry, won't be able to attend 0%

We calculate the number attending based on these probabilities by weighting their answers. For instance:

2 guests RSVP 100%; total attending = 2

1 guest * 100% + 1 guest *100% = 2 guests

1 guest RSVPs 100% + 1 guest RSVPs 0%; total attending = 1

1 guest * 100% + 1 guest * 0% = 1 guest

1 guest RSVPs 100% + 1 guest RSVPs 75%; total attending = 1.75

1 guest * 100% + 1 guest * 75% = 1.75 guests

Q: Why is # attending = 0? I know guests have RSVPed!

A: The "# attending" feature counts responses to your main attendance question. If # attending = 0, check that you have added an attendance question to the RSVPs for your event and that it is 'published' on on your Glösite. You can check this by going to 'Manage Events & RSVPs' and clicking 'Edit RSVPs' next to a particular event. Scroll down to your list of added questions. Your attendance question will be labeled to distinguish it from other questions.

Q: Can I change the attendance question from yes/no/maybe to yes/no? I asked yes/no/maybe when I sent out my save the dates, but not I want to know for sure if my guests are coming!

A: Yes, you can absolutely change the answer type for your attendance question. Simply go to: 'Manage Events & RSVPs' and click on 'edit RSVPs' for a particular event. Scroll down to the 'Attendance Question' and click the edit icon next to this question. Select the type of answer you would like to ask your guests and click 'save.'

Making this change will not delete your guests previous answers. When your guests update their RSVP responses, their new answer will replace the old answer to this question.

Q: Can I use Glo for Events & RSVPs if I already have a website set up somewhere else

A: Yes! If you already have a website set up somewhere else, you can still use Glö to share your event details and collect RSVPs. To collect RSVPs via your other website, you will need to be able to edit the HTML on a page or add an HTML or code block.

Q: How do I add RSVP questions to a different (non-Glo) website

A: First, you need to confirm that the website allows you to edit the HTML on a page or add a block of HTML. If you are not able to add or edit HTML, then you will not be able to insert your Glö RSVPs on that non-Glö website.

Once you confirm that you can add HTML code. Log in to your Glö account and navigate to “Events & RSVPs Manager.” Edit your events and event descriptions and add the relevant RSVP questions for each event.

At the bottom of the “Events & RSVPs manager” page, you will see the widget code. Click on the customization link to change the font color, type and size and determine how your guests will log in to respond to your RSVPs. These settings are dynamic, which means that after you have added your widget code to your website, if you change these settings, you will see the changes reflected on your non-Glo website the next time you refresh the page.

Copy the widget code to your clipboard. Navigate to your non-Glo website and paste the code in to the relevant HTML editor.