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Glösite (your website)

Q: What is a Glösite?

A: Your Glösite is your personal website where you can include all the information your guests will need to know about your celebration, such as a welcome message, information about the date, time and locations of events, travel and accommodation information, photos, and much more. Your Glösite is also where guests can view the events they have been invited to, and respond to any corresponding RSVP questions.

Q: What can I customize on my Glösite? I want to reflect who we are as a couple!

A; Lots of things! Here's a quick list of what you can customize:

  • The background design - either choosing a Glö design or uploading your own
  • Background fill color - this is the color that fills your Glösite page beyond the edges of your background design (since your Glösite may grow taller than the background design image)
  • Font color (this is the default color, but can be overrided by select a different text color when editing each page
  • Font type
  • Link color (the links go down the left side of your Glösite to take your guests to the different pages)
  • Main site photo - this photo will appear on all your pages above the links
  • Music - upload any mp3 to play on your site
  • Add new pages. Turn pages on/off
  • On each page: add custom text, a photo, documents for your guests to download, and unlimited widgets
  • Unlimited Events - add events and activities in the 'Manage Events & RSVPs section' and select which guests can view each event on your site
  • Unlimited RSVP questions - add RSVP questions in 'Manage Events & RSVPs.' Only guests invited to that particular event will be able to view and answer the related RSVP questions

Q: What options do I have for Glösite designs?

A: You can either choose a Glö-design (and customize the font color, link color and font type) or else you can upload your own design.

Q: What designs can I upload?

A: You can upload files of 4Mb or less of types JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG.

Glösites can have two types of designs:

Glösite Header designs
These designs appear at the top of your Glösite in the header area. Dimensions are 850 pixels wide by 140 pixels tall. The body of your Glösite then has one solid color which you select in 'Manage Glösite > Edit design > choose a page fill color to complement your design'

To download templates for the Glösite header designs click here

Glösite full-page designs
These designs are anchored in the top, right corner of your site. Recommended dimensions are 850 pixels wide by 750 pixels tall. The height of the design can vary. Since Glösite pages get taller as you add content and widgets, you should also select a page fill color that matches your design. You can select this color in 'Manage Glösite > Edit design > choose a page fill color to complement your design.'

To download templates for the Glösite header designs click here

Q: I have uploaded a design or music and saving the change is taking forever; what do I do?

A: Some files, particularly music files, are quite large. Please be patient while you wait for the updates to save, the system is working hard to upload your content.

Q: How can I preview my Glösite?

A: On “Manage Glösite' page, click on 'View your Glösite.' You can also see your Glösite by clicking below the left side main navigation links.

Q: How do I match link color to text color when editing my Glösite?

You can do an exact match of your default text color and link color on your Glösite

  • Go to 'Manage Glösite'
  • Choose ''Glösite Design'
  • Scroll down to the 'Customize Font' section and select either a text color or a link color you like by clicking on the color box, clicking inside the box to select the color and then clicking outside of the color box
  • To match the link color to the text color (or vice versa) click in the link color box again
  • Put your cursor at the start or end of the 6-character color code. Hold down your mouse button and highlight the code. Click 'control-C' to copy
  • Click inside the other color box. Highlight the color code and click 'control-C' to paste the color code from the other box into this one
  • Click outside of the box to confirm and now the colors will be exactly the same

Q: Can I add additional pages to my Glösite? Like a page for my registry or our bridal party?

A: You can add unlimited pages to you event. Here's how

  • Go to 'Manage Glösite'
  • Click 'Manage pages'
  • Under 'Create a new page,' type the name of the page and click add
  • Click the 'edit' icon next to the newly added page and add any content and widgets you want to include

Q: What the heck is a widget?

A: A widget is a fun thing to add to any of your Glösite pages (not to mention something fun to say!) You add widgets by copying a pasting some pre-made HTML code into the widget box on any 'edit page'. The best way to explain what a widget is to show you a few examples:

Weather forecast at your celebration location:

Customize and get code at

Countdown to your celebration:

Customize and get code at:

Q: Do you have any ideas of cool widgets I can add to my Glösite?

A: Heck yes! We're going to start and keep adding to the list here

Q: How do I add widgets to my Glösite?

A: To add a widget to any page of your Glösite, take the following steps:

  • Find a widget that you want to add. Find the HTML code you need to add the widget. It's a bit different on every site, but is sometimes in the 'share' functionality or described as 'embed' or 'get code'
  • Copy the code using Control-C
  • In Glö - go to 'Manage Glösite' > 'Manage Pages'
  • Click on the 'Edit' icon next to the page where you want to add your widget
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and paste the code with Control-V into the widget box
  • Click 'Update page'
  • View your Glösite to see how your widget looks!

Q: Can I add more than one widget per Glösite page?

A: Yes! You can add as many widgets as you'd like to each page. Simply paste the code for each widget one after the other in the widget box and click save. You'll see all the widgets on that Glösite page the next time you view.

Q: How do I add photo albums to my Glösite?

A: You can easily add photo albums from photo management sites like Flickr, Picasa, Smugmug and others using widgets. Widgets are short lines of html code that you can copy and paste into the 'widget' box any of your Glösite pages.

Most online photo management services (e.g. Flickr, Picasa, Smugmug) all have embed and share options that provide the HTML code you'll need to cut and paste a slideshow into your Glösite pages. Below are instructions for a few popular sites.

Flickr Slideshows (from the Flickr FAQs)
Just click the share menu in the upper right of any slideshow. From there, grab the embed code or click "customize this HTML" if you want to specify the size of your slideshow. Grab the code and drop it into your blog or favorite web site. Please note, only items that are viewable by anyone and marked as safe will appear in the embedded slideshow.

Picasa slideshow (from the Picasa Help Page)
You can embed a Flash slideshow of any web album. It'll be automatically updated when you make changes to your album. Follow these steps to embed a slideshow:

  • On the My Photos page, click your album.
  • Click Link to this album on the right-hand side.
  • Click Embed Slideshow.
  • Choose your slideshow settings, such as image size, captions, and autoplay.
  • Once you've chosen your settings, copy the resulting HTML code (Ctrl-C).
  • Paste the HTML (Ctl-V) into the widget box at the bottom of any 'edit page' on your Glösite

See more about embedding albums and single photos from Picasa

Smugmug (from the Smugmug Help Page)

  • First, enable sharing -- In your gallery settings for each gallery (tools --> gallery settings -> Security & Privacy), you'll see an External Links option. It must be set to 'yes' for the photos in the gallery to be visible outside SmugMug.
  • Next, choose a size.
  • Click the Share button, at the top of most gallery pages.
  • Click 'Get a link' from the menu. Select the 'Embeddable Links' tab
  • You'll see a list of sizes for your photo or video in the 'blogs' section. Click the Copy button next to the embed code of the size you want and it will be automatically copied for you.
  • Finally, paste your code into the widget box on any edit Glösite page

Q: Will just anyone off the street be able to view my Glösite? Will people who aren't invited be able to view my Glösite?

A: No. Guests need to be added to your guest list before they can view any login/password protected pages on your Glösite. You can choose to have ALL pages on your site protected or only the Events and RSVP pages of your site protected. You can also specify that the first time a guest visits a protected page on your site they will choose their own unique password. This added security protects their privacy and ensures that each guest’s RSVP responses are not visible to anyone besides other guests in their household.

When a guest clicks through from a Glövite or from a Message sent from your account, they are automatically logged in to your site with their email address. If you are using the setting that allows the guest to choose a password, they will choose a password that only they know the first time they view a protected page. If they return to your site from the Glövite or on the same computer without logging out – they will not need to log in again.

If a guest goes to your site via a URL (i.e., from a paper invitation), you can decide whether they should log in to protected pages by entering the email address you have saved for them in your guest list or by searching for their name/email address. This option is located in “Manage Glösite” > “Privacy Settings.” If you are using the setting that allows the guest to choose a password, the first time they log in to your site, they will also be asked to choose a password that only they know. If the guest returns to your Glösite on the same computer, they will already be logged in. If they access your URL from a different URL, they will need to log in again.

Q: How do I tell guests about my Glösite?

A: There are several ways to tell your guests about your Glösite

With a Glövite (included in Complete Subscription Packages)
If you're ready to send out your save-the-date or invitation Glövites, this is a great way to tell your guests about your Glösite. When guests receive your Glövite, they will be able to link directly through to your Glösite.

With a text email from Glö

  • Go to 'Manage Messages' and click 'Create and send a new message'
  • Type an email to your guests. Check the box that says: 'Include link to your Glösite at the end of your email'
  • Select which guests should receive the email and click send
  • Your guests will receive an email from you with a direct link to your Glösite.
  • You can track who has opened the mail and viewed the site in 'Manage Messages' > Who's viewed

With a text email from your own email (i.e., Outlook, Gmail, etc.)

  • Go to 'Manage Glösite' - highlight your Glösite URL and click 'control-C' to copy
  • Write an email to your guests via your chosen email system and include a link to your Glösite by clicking 'control-V' to paste the URL into the email
  • Send the email to your guests
  • Note: your guests will need to know what email address you've used for them in your guest list in order to log in to the site, so we recommend emailing them on the same address you have used in your guest list and making a note of this login information in your email

Via a printed invitation or save-the-date

  • Include the URL for your Glösite on your printed invitation or save-the-date. You can find the URL for your site on the 'Manage Glösite' main page
  • Note: your guests will need to know the email address you've used for them in your guest list in order to log into the site

Q: Will guests be able to view one another's RSVP responses on my Glösite?

A: Guests in the same household will be able to view one another’s RSVP responses on your Glösite when they are logged in. If you would like to ensure privacy for your guests’ RSVP responses, then you can select the option to have a guest choose a personal password the first time they view a protected page. This setting is located in “Manage Glösites” > “Privacy settings.” This will ensure another person can not log into your site with the guest’s information and view their responses.

Q: Can I edit my Glösite once I've published it to my guests?

A: Of course! Planning for a celebration is quite fluid, so the communication tools you use should reflect this. You can continue to add and edit information on your site (like adding hotels once you choose a location - and confirming dates and times of various events.) You can also edit the look and feel of your site - changing the design and colors if you'd like to mix things up a bit.

Q: If I edit my Glösite, will I have to contact all my guests and tell them?

A: Only if you want to. The next time your guests view your site; they will see the updated version in place of the old one. We find that some organizers like to send save-the-dates with a first version of the site, and then update the site before sending out the Invitations. Do whatever works best for you!

Q: Is there a way to invite only certain guests to an event (e.g., the rehearsal dinner) on my Glösite?

A: Yes. We know that sometimes it is not possible (or desirable) to include every guest at every event. To select which guests can view each event, use the following steps:

  • In 'Manage Events & RSVPs' create an event and fill out the relevant information.
  • Click on 'select guests' on the menu for that event - here you will see a list of all the guests in your guest list.
  • Select the guests you would like to invite by ticking the check box next to their name
  • Click 'Update guests'

This event and it's related RSVP questions will now be visible to the selected guests on your Glösite (once you have provided them with the link and they have logged on of course!)

Q: I don't see any RSVP questions when I preview my Glösite. Help!

A: Your Glösite is set up to only show events and RSVP questions to those guests who are added to each event's guest list. There are two ways that you can see how your Events and RSVP questions will appear on your Glösite:

Add yourself as a guest for all events

  • In 'Manage Guest list' - Add yourself as a guest -- use the same email address you use to log into Glö.
  • In 'Manage Events & RSVPs' click on 'select guests' for each event. Check the box next to your name and click 'Update guests'
  • Click on in the lower left of your screen to see your Glösite.
  • You should be able to see all your events and RSVP questions, as they will appear to other guests who are on the guest lists for each event.

Preview what each of your guests will see on your Glösite

  • In 'Manage Events & RSVPs,' click on 'select guests'
  • Select the guests you would like to invite to this event and click 'Update'
  • Repeat for all other events
  • Return to 'select guests' for any of your events. Click on 'preview Glösite as this guest'
  • See your Glösite (including events and RSVP pages) exactly the way that guest will see it

Q: One or all of my events and RSVP questions are not visible to guests on my Glösite - what's happening?

A: First, check that you have "published" your events to your Glösite:

  • Go to 'Manage Events and RSVPs'
  • There is a publish icon next to each event which indicates whether the event is published or not. If an event is not published, simply click on the "publish icon" to turn it on. Clicking again, turns the publish off.

Second, check that you have added your guests to the event guest list(s)

  • Go to 'Manage Events and RSVPs'
  • Click 'select guests' next to the event in question
  • Check that the correct guests are selected. Add any additional guests who you would like to invite and click 'update' at the bottom of the page

Q: What is the difference between the login settings? When do I choose each setting?

A: You can choose a guest login setting in "Manage Glösite" > "General Settings":

Require login/password for all Glösite pages

This is the best option if you are sending Glövites (animated email stationery) to your guests – as guests are automatically logged into your site.

It is also a good option if you are sending the URL of your site to your guests (by email or snail mail) and want to keep all of your Glösite pages password protected – your guests will need to log in to your site.

Require login/password for only Events/RSVP pages

This is a good option if you want to quickly share several pages of your Glösite (wedding website) with your guests without first loading their names or emails into your address book or if you are less concerned about privacy for the non-protected pages. In order to view the Events and RSVP pages of your site, your guests will still need to log in your site. However, you can turn these pages off in "Manage Glösite" > "Manage Pages" until you are ready to display them to guests

Q: Why do you require login/password for Glösites?

A: We require logins for the Events and RSVP pages of your site because the system needs to know which guest is viewing the site in order to display the correct events & RSVP questions.

We strongly suggest that you keep the setting that allows guests to choose a password the first time they view a protected page on your site. This adds an extra layer of security and is especially important if you are collecting RSVP information that is considered sensitive medical information (like food allergies)

Q: How do logins / passwords work for Glösites?

A: A guest who clicks through to your website from a Glövite invitation or a Message sent from your account will automatically be logged in to your site. If you are using the setting that allows the guest to choose a password, your guest will choose a password that only they know the first time they view. They will not need to login again unless they visit your site by typing in the URL on a different computer.

A guest who visits your site via the URL (i.e., if you send the URL on a paper invitation) will need to log in manually to see any protected pages. You can choose whether your guets can log in by entering the email address you have saved for them in your account or by searching for their name/email address.

This setting is located in “Manage Glösite” > “Privacy settings.” If you are using the setting that allows the guest to choose a password, the first time a guest logs in, they will choose a password that only they know. If the guest returns to your site on the same computer they will not need to log in or enter their password unless they have previously logged out or cleared their cache.

Q: How do I quickly set up a Glösite and share the URL with my guests without requiring them to log in?

A: To quickly set up and share your glosite with your guests (e.g., to provide them with the date, basic travel information, etc.) take the following steps:

  • Create your glosite in the Manage Glosite section
  • In Manage Glosite > General settings > Choose guest log in setting, select 'Require login/password for only Events/RSVP pages'

You can now share your site URL with your guests, and they will be able to view all of the pages except for 'Events' and 'RSVP'

note: We recommend turning your Events and RSVP pages off so that your guests are not confused. You can do this on:
Manage Glosite > Manage pages and setting the 'unpublish' status to off