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Glövites (your invites)

Q: What is a Glövite?

A: Glövites are Glö's online stationery. They can be used for announcements, save-the-dates, invitations, last minute reminders, a group thank you after the celebration - whatever! Glövites mimic paper stationery - guests receive an email inviting them to view the Glövite, which takes the guest to a website where an envelope addressed to their household opens to reveal the letter. Guests can then click through to visit your website (Glösite.) where they find more information about your celebration, the events that are taking place and have the ability to RSVP for their household online.

Q: Can I send announcements and save the dates?

A: Of course! Glö is yours to use however best works for you. You can use Glövites to send any type of communication about your event, including announcements, save-the-dates, invitations and event a group thank you after the event has taken place.

Q: What designs can I upload? Can I upload a version of my paper invitation to send a coordinated online Glövite?

A: You can upload files of 4Mb or less of types JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG. Glövite dimensions are a maximum of 431 pixels wide by 531 pixels tall. To download templates to work with click here

If you are uploading an electronic copy of your paper invitation, you may want to ask your designer to create an RGB version. RGB is the color scheme used most often for the web, while many files created for printing are made in CMYK. There is no reason you cannot upload a CMYK document, but the colors may appear slightly different.

Q: Can I send different versions of Glövites to different guests? - for instance to those invited to the reception dinner versus those who are invited to the after party only, or to those who speak different languages?

A: Yes, you can send as many versions of Glövites as your would like. We know that every celebration is slightly different, so we want you to have the flexibility you need.

To send different versions of Glövites to different guests, simply create the different Glövites in the 'Manage Glövites' section. Then, for each Glövite, click on 'Select and Send' menu icon and choose which guests will receive each version.

If certain guests are invited to a particular event (i.e., a rehearsal dinner) and others are not, then be sure to reflect this in the 'Events and RSVPs' section, In this section, you can create an event (i.e., rehearsal dinner) and indicate who is on the guest list for this event in the "select guests" menu. Those who are on the event's guest list will be able to view and RSVP for the event on your Glösite, while those who are not on the event's guest list will not see the event or related RSVP questions listed on your Glösite.

Q: Can I make changes to my Glövites after they've been sent?

A: Yes. You can change anything you'd like about your Glövite - the text and even the design. The next time your guests view the Glövite by linking through from the email they received, they will see the updated version.

Q: How do I invite new people to my celebration (i.e., the B-listers), after I've already sent out the first round of invitations?

A: Lots of people have an A-list and a B-list for their celebration. Take the following steps to invite more people:

  • If you haven't yet done so, add the new guests to your guest list
  • Go to 'Manage Glövites' and click the 'select and send' icon next to the Glövite you would like to send
  • Check off the new guests you would like to invite, scroll to the bottom and click 'send'

Q: Can I tell whether my guests have viewed a Glövite?

A: You can monitor whether you're guests have viewed your Glövite in 'Manage Glövites" > 'Who's Viewed.'

If one or more of your guests have not viewed your Glövite in the first 24-48 hours after you sent them, there is a chance the email could have gone to spam. If the guests have not viewed your Glövite, you can follow these steps

Q: What do I do if some of my guests did not receive the Glövite I sent?

A: Take a few steps to troubleshooting:

  • Double check that you have sent the Glövite to the guest:
    • In 'Manage Glövites," click the "select and send" menu icon next to the Glövite in question
    • Check that the grey box to the left of the guest's name is checked - if it is, the Glövite has been sent, if it's blank the Glövite has not been sent
  • Check that you have the correct email address for them entered in your guest list. If the email address is incorrect
    • Click edit next to the guest's name, correct the email and click 'update'
    • Go to "Manage Glövites," choose 'select and send' next to the Glövite you want to send
    • Find the guest's name on the list and click 'resend' to the right of their name
  • Ask them to check their email spam folder to see whether the email has gone to spam. If it has, ask them to add to their address book to ensure they receive future Glövites

If none of the above fix the problem you can follow up in two ways:

  • Send the Glövite to a different email address:
    • Ask your guest for an alternative email address
    • Change their email address in your guest list
    • Resend the Glövite by going to 'Manage Glövites' and choosing the 'select and send' icon next to the Glövite you want to resend
  • Send them a link to your Glövite directly
    • Go to 'Manage Glövites," click on the 'Who's viewed' icon to the right of the Glövite name
    • Find the guest's name on the list
    • Cut and paste the link to the right of their name into an email, instant message, etc. and send to the guest
    • They will be able to view their Glövite and Glösite directly from this link

Q: What can I do to prevent any of my Glövite emails from going to spam?

A: Depending on settings of email accounts, Glövite emails may sometimes be filtered as spam or junk/bulk mail. We are constantly working to fine tune things behind the scenes to insure the highest delivery rate possible.

To reduce the risk of your Glövite emails being filtered as spam:

  1. Use personal email addresses rather than work email addresses for your guests. Work spam filters are sometimes quirky about what they classify as spam.
  2. Ask your guests to add to their email address book. This will ensure their email system recognizes Glö as a trusted sender when your Glövite email arrives.

Q: Help! I can’t view the Glövite. All I get is a blank, grey screen.

A: If your computer is having challenges loading a Glövite, please try the following steps:

  1. Upgrade your browser; we support the latest versions of:
  2. Upgrade your flash version here
  3. We find that some firewalls may interfere with Glövite code, so you can also try temporarily turning off your firewall.
  4. If none of these solutions work, please contact us at

Q: Why are my envelopes not being addressed to the Household name? or to the individual guest by name?

A: If you would like your Glövite invitations to be addressed to a guest's Household rather than just their name, this setting is controlled on "Manage Glövites" > "Edit" page for each invitation. Scroll down the page until your find the "Email and Envelope design" section and look at the "To Name" setting.


If the setting is turned to "Household", the envelopes will display whatever is saved in the recipient's Household name record. If the guest is not assigned to a household, then the envelope will show the guest's salutation, first name and last name.

If instead you would like for a guest's individual name to be displayed instead of their household, switch this setting to "Individual."