Glöbies organize the type of celebrations that guests love to attend

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Fenella & Stuart

“With Glö - our invites and website were different and special. We loved being able to design our own save the date. Plus, the RSVP functionality is great...”

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Mark & Christian

“We couldn't have managed our wedding and wedding logistics without Glö. The site is really easy to use, and it is a lot of fun to personalize... We would definitely use Glö again for any big party we plan to throw!”

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Kate & Dave

“What a perfect way to manage everything. Glö, made our lives easy, fun and saved some nature too. We couldn’t have done it all so effortlessly without Glö. Thanks to you neither we, nor any of our guests, had any of the usual stress that (apparently) comes with a wedding."

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Louise & Kannan

“We were able to get our ‘personality’ across as a couple far better than anything any other invite and websites offering could have allowed. The amount of positive feedback and the WOW factor generated by our Glövites and Glösite far exceeded anything I could have anticipated.”

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Taryn & Enrico (our founders)

“We believe that technology can streamline the wedding planning process without sacrificing sophistication. Glö’s functionality ultimately helped us coordinate all of the guest logistics, while keeping our guests informed and getting everyone excited for our celebration.”

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Broen and Kristin

“We wanted to plan a wedding like nothing our guests had ever exprienced. Glö helped us invite everyone in style while keeping track of ALL of the logistics involved in organizing a complicated destination wedding. We were thrilled that we could spend our time and attention on the details that matter the most.”