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Glövite Portrait

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Glösite Full Page

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Glövite Square

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What do I use?

If you work in PhotoShop CS, download the 'PSD' options at the top of this page. If you are using a different image editing program (like Paint), download the 'JPEG' options and open them in your program of choice. Powerpoint addicts - we have a special download for you up there too!

We suggest saving your files as RGB jpegs, GIFs or PNG. Max file size is 4 Mb.

Those pesky Glösite designs

When making Glösite designs, be sure that the title, links and text will be readable over the design.

Glösites get taller as content is added. So for full-page designs, we suggest patterns that can be tiled or else fade at the bottom into a solid color. This way, when you upload the design you can select a background color to match.

Hey, designers!

Do you create Glö-compatible designs? - feel free to use the embeddable buttons below tell the world! (and let us know, so that we can link back to you)

I design for Glö

I design for Glö

I design for Glö

Got Powerpoint?

No idea what a PSD file is? Don’t worry, we didn’t know either until we started Glö. But have no fear, you can make Glösite and Glövite designs in powerpoint!

PPT templates & instructions