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Glo partners with A Practical Wedding

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Today is a day about celebrating the partner in your life, so I couldn’t be more excited to announce Glö’s new partnership with A Practical Wedding.

This match-up has been a long time coming. APW’s founder Meg and I first spoke in November 2010 (difficult to even remember back that far!), but Meg and I wanted to make sure we were bringing the right recipe to the table for Glöbies and APW readers alike, so we took our time and did it right.

A Practical WeddingA Practical Wedding and Glo

One of the most exciting things to be born out of this partnership is that several of the APW Stationery Elves developed a suite of premium email wedding invitation and wedding website designs for Glö. You can already find their gorgeous creations in the Glö design boutique.

A Practical Wedding designers for Glo

This fills me with happiness, because one of my original goals for Glö was to create a new revenue and distribution stream for talented designers as we move into this new digital age of wedding communications. We launched these designs on Glö over the past few months, and you’re already showing lots of love! I am personally excited to see the enthusiasm you’re showing for these talented gals.

Do you have a favorite design yet?

One of the things that I love about the wedding and events industry is that it is full of whip-smart, dedicated and fun female entrepreneurs who are pushing the boundaries on all things wedding. Meg, the founder of A Practical Wedding, is one of those magical people, and if you’re not reading this most sane of wedding blogs, you should be. It is chock-a-block full of creative how to’s and reflective wedding graduate posts. But it also tackles *really important* conversations that we should all be taking part in no matter what stage our relationships are (or aren’t) in.

Seriously. go. read. now. Go. and, as Meg would say, *thank me later.*And if the blog wasn’t enough. Meg wrote a book that is a must have bible for anyone planning a wedding.

A Practical Wedding Book

Happy planning y’all!


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Huff Post: – 7 Guest Friendly Widgets for Your Wedding Website

Some exciting news that I’ve been asked to guest blog on Huffington Post Weddings! Today, you can read the very first post: 7 Widgets for a Guest Friendly Wedding Website


Huffington Post - 7 Widgets for a Guest Friendly Wedding Website


I have to confess, not being a born writer – doing something like this on such a main-stream media outlet felt rather scary at first….but now I am feeling pretty tickled to have it out there in cyberspace!

If you enjoy the post – I’d love for you to comment on, like or tweet it! The best part of my job is all of the interaction I get to have with awesome Glöbies like you.



Announcing Glöpack designs from e.m. papers

Are you still on a quest to find *the* perfect design for your online wedding invitations, save-the-dates and wedding website? Then I think you’re going to love this….

e.m. papers is designing for Glo! e.m. papers has created Glö versions of their three most popular designs – called Glö-packs! The packs include matching designs for online save-the-date, invitation and wedding websites on Glö. All you need to do is choose which one you like, download and then follow the easy instructions to upload into

e.m. papers will also customize any of their designs for you – so what are you waiting for? Check ‘em out!

This is what Eleanor, the creative mastermind behind e.m. papers, has magicked up for you:


e.m. papers Floral Design

em papers garden party glo-pack

e.m. papers Peacock design for Glo

Each of e.m. papers’ Glö designs match one of their most popular download-and-print-at-home wedding correspondence sets (just in case you need a few paper versions for those older relatives…) and their complete wedding sets, which have *everything* you need paper-wise for your wedding. You’ll be totally coordinated and good to go.

We’re excited to welcome Eleanor into the Glö-family and are proud to support independent designers. (Coming from a person who can’t even draw stick figures, I an in total awe of such talented peeps!)

Which of the e.m. papers designs would you like to see in a Glö version next? Have a look at the portfolio and leave a comment to let us know!

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And now…an Introduction (aka Chelsea and Bill’s Organic Celebration of Cross-Pacific Proportions)

Hey Glö-bies! I’m pretty excited for this post – I’d like to introduce you to Chelsea. She’ll be blogging regularly for y’all, and I know you’re going to love her. Not only is Chelsea super fun with exactly the right amount of wacky, but she was also an event planner in her former life – which means we’re all in store for some great tips on how to plan really fun celebrations in sane, thoughtful ways.

Chelsea and I thought that the best way to introduce one Glöbie to another was with a Real-Glöbie Wedding post. So we bring you….

Chelsea and Bill’s Organic Celebration of Cross-Pacific Proportions

Hi everyone! My name is Chelsea and I recently found my way into the delightful world of Glö. I’m excited to join Taryn as a regular blog writer to share some low-key wedding tips/tricks, personal experiences and to hear your fun stories.

To start off, I’d love to share my own wedding story with you. My husband and I got engaged in July of 2008 and we thoroughly enjoyed about two hours’ worth of pure bliss…and then we started announcing the news to our friends and family.

Common conversations included, “Congratulations! When’s the big day?” or “You must be so excited to plan your wedding!” or “What are your colors going to be? Do you have a dress picked out yet?” Can’t a girl enjoy her engagement for more than a few hours without being bombarded by questions about wedding logistics??

The only thing either of us knew about our wedding was that we wanted a very small and casual ceremony, followed by a huge – and once again, casual – party. We had no dates planned, no colors or first-dance songs picked and not much time or desire to figure those details out; We had lives outside of this.

I’m a professional event planner by trade, and still the thought of planning my own wedding weighed so heavy on me. I didn’t want it to be about the details or the dramas. I didn’t want people to chime in on when and where they thought we should have it. I just wanted to have a celebration where all of our good friends and family gathered around to have a really really good time with us.

That seemed next to impossible though because we come from two very strong, very different religious backgrounds where wedding ceremonies are done a certain way. Plus, we both come from huge extended families where everybody comes to everything. How in the world were we supposed to have our drama-free wedding??

Long story short, we decided to elope in New Zealand where we could have the quiet ceremony we wanted. It was so simple and couldn’t have been better. And with that out of the way, we were now able to focus on that huge party we dreamed of.

Three months after getting home from New Zealand, we threw a giant bash at our home to celebrate our marriage. I handmade the invitations and we catered and decorated most of it ourselves, without too much planning on small details. We let our fathers give speeches (but told them they could give speeches the morning before the party so they didn’t overthink them…), threw on a random music playlist and had the time of our lives.

For some brides, the details are everything – and that’s great and it’s what works for them! For others, the feeling is everything. It doesn’t matter what everybody’s wearing or how perfectly plated the food all was – it’s all about having a really really good time.

I’m excited to be part of the Glö team and am especially excited to connect with all of you out there who are looking to have a really really good time.


Glö designs now available in paper!

Since our launch, many Glö-bies have expressed the need to send a few paper ‘vites to older relatives (we did the same!) or for paper invitations to match their save-the-dates. Soooo, dum da de dum..all Glö designs are now available in paper in our Glö Zazzle Store!! All of the designs come in 2 sizes: 5″x7″ and 4.25″x5.5″ depending on what you fancy. The default paper is made from 100% post-consumer recycled content (but you can change it up if you’d like.)

Plus, you can order printed designs from 10 different countries to ensure you receive the best shipping rates: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Portugal and France.

To personalize and order paper stationery to match a paperless design you are using on Glö, here’s what you do:

1) To match your Glösite

In Manage Glösite, click on the new “Order matching paper stationery” designs button

2) To match your Glövites

In Manage Glövites, click on the edit icon next to your Glövite of choice. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a button for “Order matching paper stationery”

Verify your design, choose your shipping country, pick your size and click. You’ll be transported to our Zazzle store where you can customize and order matching stationery.  Once on Zazzle, you can simply personalize the wording on the paper invitation or else click the “Customize It” button to make more involved changes (like adding new text boxes, changing the font color, font type, etc.)


Glö named “Top Resource Pick” by Eco-Beautiful Weddings

Have you seen Eco-Beautiful Wedding’s latest e-magazine? It’s STUNNING. seriously gorgeous. 180-pages of great ideas and articles. We are totally digging the online format (the page-turning sound is the best.)

Eco-Beautiful Wedding E-Zine

Eco-Beautiful Weddings Winter 2011 E-Zine

We’re also thrilled that Glö was chosen as a “Top Resource Pick” for greening your wedding. Seriously – they picked us!

Glö picked

Permanent smile on the face this week.


Glö on StyleMePretty

Over the weekend, Glö was introduced on Style Me Pretty. If you’re not already reading this blog – you should be. It’s chock full of fun ideas for your upcoming celebration. What I love most is that this blog is not full of over-the-top foofooyness – instead you’ll see really down-to-earth, personalized celebrations.

Head over to check out what they wrote about Glö – and stay to check out the awesome eye-candy wonderfulness.

Glö of Style Me Pretty

Glö introduction on Style Me Pretty

Glö-nouncements, Inspiration, Spice up your Site

Interactive List of Wedding Website Widgets

Say that title three times fast! I’m always looking for helpful ways to organize information like the countless widgets that are out there for wedding websites. The handy-dandy list maker from Pick.In totally caught my eye. I’m going to test it out by using it to track interesting widgets that I discover online. If you have found fun widgets that you’d like to share, please feel free to contribute! I sorta like the way Pick.In easily allows you to give widgets the thumbs up or down and to contribute to a running list.

I’ve also been bookmarking sites on the GloWedding Delicious account.

What do you think is better or easier to work with? I’m open for any and all suggestions to keep track of everything!


New spandangaly features and functionality

The fabulous developers at Glö have done it again. Taken all your feedback onbard and turned it into fresh, new features for your enjoyment. Here’s the skinny on what’s been rolled out today:

1) Edit HTML on your Glösite pages

When you’re editing Glösite pages, you’ll now see a little button labeled ‘HTML’ on the text editor. With one click, a new box will open up where you can edit the HTML for the page to your heart’s content! This will enable you to add widgets and other fun stuff anywhere on the page. Of course, the widget box at the bottom is still fully functional in case you’re not feeling up-to-par on your HTML skills. For an overview of different HTML code options, I find W3Schools is usually quite helpful.

2) Edit background image and color on your Glösite

Glösite Page and Background Design

Glösite Page and Background Design

Giving you even more control over your Glösite look and feel – you can now upload images and change the background color of your Glösite. Just to clarify, the background area starts at the side edges of your Glösite page and extends out horizontally to the edges of the web browser your guests are using to view your site. You have totally flexibility here to choose a solid color or upload an image that complements your page design.

As an added bonus, you can now opt to remove the image from the main page area and just choose a solid fill color in case this works better with your background design.

Being able to edit the background design means that you have even more flexibility to either customize the look of an existing Glö design or else enhance a design that you create and upload yourself. For example, you can now create a Glösite that looks like this:

Example Glösite with Background Image

I found a bunch of coolio background design options by simply Googling “free wallpaper designs.” Remember that if you want a design with a repeat pattern, you’ll need something that lines up nicely at the edges. Then choose “tile this design” to achieve the repeat pattern effect.

3) Enhanced “email your guests” features

On the navigation links on the left side of, you’ll now see a new option for “Manage Messages.” In this section you can email some or all of your guests with ease, including the option to:

  • Email all guests
  • Email guests with a specific tag
  • Email guests who have not RSVPed for a particular event
  • Email guests who are attending (e.g., RSVPed yes) for a specific event

After you’ve sent the email, you can also follow up to see which of your guests have viewed – just to make sure everyone received the message!

4) Include a direct link to your Glösite (automatically logs the guest in) in an email

Another other handy-dandy option in “Manage Messages” is to include a direct-access link to your Glösite in an email. This link will automatically log the recipient guest into your site – no need to enter their email address (though they will still need to choose a password the first time they view any password protected pages on your site. This is to ensure their privacy is protected)

Hope you enjoy all the new features! As always, let us know if you have new ideas.


Interview about Glo email wedding invitations and being a Web Entrepreneur

Holey moley! There’s an interview with me on the web!

One of the things I love about being in the tech industry is the absolutely fascinating people I get to interact with on a daily basis. A few weeks ago, I met up with an awesome lady named Rosie who wanted to ask me about my experience starting and running an internet company. Rosie is a journalist who’s worked all over the world covering just about every topic you could imagine. She had an idea for creating a citizen news channel here in the UK. Low and behold, a few weeks later, she’s got her own YouTube channel called News24, which she describes as:

A TV channel for citizen news across the UK. Many events happen without being seen or shared by others. YourNews24 is an outlet that offers an opportunity to air news from your area.

Pretty. neat. stuff. Half way through our chat, Rosie whipped out her flip camera and did an impromptu interview with me about my experience starting Glö and being a web entrepreneur. If you can ignore the wicked bad hair day I was having and the fact that I don’t have a lick of make-up on, you might get a kick out of watching it.