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Spice up your Site

Spice up your Site

New Feature: Wedding Website Registry Page

One of the first question your wedding guests will ask is “Where are you registered?” Most of our Glo-bies make their own registry page for their wedding website. However, we have a new wedding website registry page template available, just in case it makes life easier for you.

To find this feature, go to “Manage Glösite (your website)” or click the pink “View your Glösite” button to view your site as an admin. Then, scroll down to the list of pages, find the page that says “Registry (Registry),” and click the edit icon. In the section titled “Registry Information,”  you can add the name, link, and an image for each registry you would like to feature.

glosite wedding website registry page information

Once you’ve saved the page, we’ll then display each of your links directly on your Glosite wedding website registry page. You can see an example of a completed Glo registry page on Broen and Kristin’s Wedding Website.

wedding website registry page

On your registry page, you can link to any registries that you have set up. This might include physical stores, online stores, or even virtual cash registries. If the standardized registry listings won’t work for you, you can also use the text are of your registry page. This area is perfect if you want to add Paypal Registry Buttons or other information that you’d like to share.

Note: If you had previously created a registry page on your website before this feature was launched, we will still add this new Registry page to your account the next time you log in. However, this page will be turned off or “unpublished” on your site to prevent duplicate content. For all new Globies signing up for the first time, this page will be published along with your other pages.

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New Feature: Add To Calendar Button For Each Event On Your Wedding Website

glosite wedding website add to calendar button feature

At Glo, we want to make things easy for your to plan your wedding, organize your guestlist and share information via a fully featured wedding website. We also want to make things as easy as possible for your guests to receive all of the information they need, submit their wedding RSVPs online, and get where they need to go when they need to be there.

For this reason, we’ve created an optional add to calendar button for each of the events on your wedding website. This requested feature that allows guests to add the event information, including event name, location, start and end time and event description, directly into their calendar.

To use this feature, head on over to the page where you edit your event description. In the new section called Event Information, add or update the start and end date for the event. It can end on the same day, or be a multi-day event. Below, edit the event location if you would like this to be included in the calendar event.

glosite wedding website calendar information

Once saved, your guests will see the “add to calendar” icon next to the event name on both the Events and RSVPs pages of your wedding website.

glosite wedding website calendar icon

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New feature: Filtering Wedding RSVPs By Guest Type

glosite online wedding RSVP filter feature

You took the smart route by collecting online wedding RSVPs, choosing exactly the right RSVP wording, and working so hard to reel in all those RSVP responses. Now we want to make viewing and sorting your RSVPs even easier. For instance, have you ever wanted to know how many children are attending your reception? Or how many  “out of towners” are coming to the rehearsal dinner? It’s now a million times easier with our new RSVP filter feature.

In the “Manage Events and RSVPs” section, you’ve previously been able to view a snapshot summary of all RSVP responses for an event. This summary sums up all responses so that you know how many guests provided which answer.

glosite online wedding RSVP summary

Now, you can also view responses for adults and children, or guests who have a particular tag, like “out of town,” “bride side,” or “wedding party.” This removes the need to tally these responses by hand or in a spreadsheet.

glosite online wedding RSVP filtered responses

As always, if you want to see the detailed responses for a particular Event, just click on the detailed responses link to view everything on one page. This page can be sorted by column and all RSVP responses can be downloaded to a CSV if you’d like to have them in hand or work with them in Excel, GoogleDocs or Numbers.

glosite online wedding RSVPs detailed responses

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How to Easily Collect Wedding Guests’ Mailing Addresses, emails and +1’s names

how to easily collect wedding guests mailing addresses and emails glosite

Above: Letterpress envelopes by Riding Type

We are excited to share two new features that we’ve rolled out for your Glo Wedding Website. These features are intended to make your life easier, while giving guests the ability to edit their own information in your guestbook. Result? You have more time to spend on the fun stuff instead of the boring admin stuff. Both of these features are optional, but we hope you’ll find the useful.

New Feature: Guests can add or edit mailing addresses

Very few of us have friends’ and family’s snail mail addresses on hand. So when it comes time to send paper wedding invitations or thank you notes, things get tricky. At Glo, we’ve just rolled out a feature that allows a guest to provide or update the snail mail address for their entire household. The new information is saved directly into your address book for all guests in the household. The feature works like this:

1) You enable this feature in “Manage Glösite” > edit “RSVP” page > check off feature allowing guests to edit their mailing address. (Note: you can customize the text on the button)

1a add edit mailing address feature glosite

2) On the RSVP page of your Glosite wedding website, guests are prompted to provide their mailing address

1b guests click to edit mailing address

3) The mailing address information is edited and saved into your guestbook for all guests in the Household

1c guest updates mailing address


New Feature: Guests can edit the names and email addresses of all the guests in their household

Are you in the situation where you don’t know the name of a +1 your guest is bringing? Or you don’t know the email addresses for a friend’s significant other? Now, your guests can provide this information for you. Here is how the feature works:

1) Enable the “edit names” feature in “Manage Glösite” > edit “RSVP” page > check off feature allowing guests to edit their names. (Note: you can customize the text on the button)

2a add edit names emails feature glosite

2) On the RSVP page of your Glosite wedding website, guests are prompted to update the names and email addresses for everyone in their Household

2b guests click to edit names and emails

3) The updated name and email information is saved into your guestbook

2c guest updates names and emails

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Save the Date and Wedding Invitation Template Options For Your Glovites

One of our favorite features here at Glo is the ability to upload your own email save the date, email wedding invitation, and wedding website designs. This means that you are not limited to the options featured in our design boutique.  We see lots of Globies who create their own design for all of their wedding communications, as well as couples who mix and match by choosing a website design from our boutique, and then upload their own design for their save the dates and invitations.

As an ode to our creative couples, here are some great resources for downloadable save the date and wedding invitation templates that can be uploaded into Glo:

e.m. Papaers

As one of our partner designers, e.m. papers has several ready-to-go email wedding invitation and wedding website designs available in the Glo boutique. BUT she also has many, many more options on her website. All of her designs come in a downloadable version, so you can save them as an image file to use as an email wedding invitation on Glo.

To use one of her other designs, you’ll need to purchase the design templates from her website, customize and then upload the finished product into your Glo account.

empapers wedding-invitation-template


Wedding Chicks

Our friends over at Wedding Chicks have a fun range of free wedding invitation printables. As a bonus, they also have downloadable monograms, signs and labels that you can use in creative ways on your wedding website.

wedding chicks email wedding invitation template


Printable Invitation Kits

These guys have more invitation templates than we can fathom. It kind of makes our heads explode and a fabulous creative kind of way. One of our favs is this Watercolor Autumn/Fall Scene design.

watercolor-autumn-scene-email wedding invitation


So you might be using Canva to perfect your instagrammable quotes, create graphics at work, or a slew of over design options, but did you know you can also use them to create wedding invitations? Amaze-balls. They’ve even written a wedding invitation tutorial showing you exactly how to do it. You can thank us later.

canva email wedding invitation template

Have you created your own email wedding invitation template? Let us know what your favorite resources were in the comments!

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New Fall Designs For Your Wedding Website and Email Wedding Invitations

Welcome to Fall everyone! Around here, the air is definitely cooling down. To celebrate, we’ve launched four new design templates for our wedding websites and email wedding invitations. You can find them all in our Design Boutique. We hope these help make your wedding planning easier and fun!

As with all of our templates, you are welcome to customize font type, colors and images to make the design your own.

Rustic Autumn

glosite wedding website email wedding invitation design template

Color Full

glosite wedding website email wedding invitations


glosite wedding website email wedding invitations

Simply Beautiful

glosite wedding websites email wedding invitations

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How to create a multi-lingual wedding website

how to create a multi-language wedding website glosite

We see lots of wedding celebrations where guests speak more than one language, and we are loving it! My own wedding was a blend of English and Italian, and neither side spoke the other language, which made logistics challenging. We hired a translator for the day, and I’m still not sure what happened during the English-language speeches, but my husband and his Italian family were in stitches (as in laughing SO hard that wine was spurting out of their noses) pretty much the entire time.

We receive lots of inquiries about whether it is possible to use Glo to create a wedding website and email wedding invitations in multiple languages (hint: the answer is YES!) and whether we have any top tips to offer. I always point couples toward this fabulous example of a dual-language wedding website and online wedding invitations.  Along with this example, here are the top tips we like to share:

Multi-language pages

Some couples start out thinking that they need to create different websites for each language or different pages, but what we recommend is to simply include both languages on the same page. This is much easier for you logistically and it also signals to your guests that you are planning a celebration catered towards everyone that is attending (and not favoring one set of guests over the other.) Plus, most guests are really excited at the idea of attending multi-language weddings as the know they’ll have a chance to experience different cultures coming together in celebration.

glosite wedding website dual language

Multi- language Page titles

Along with including both languages on a page, be sure that the page titles on the menu reflect this as well. Information is not useful for a guest if they don’t know where to find it.

glosite wedding website dual language menu

Multi-language Events & RSVP questions

On – our system is set up so that you can add different events to your website (each with an event description and customizable RSVP questions) and then specify which guests are allowed to see each event on your website when they view. This feature is great for those hosting a rehearsal dinner or limited-attendance ceremony that not all of your guests are invited to attend. This feature also allows you to create a different version of each event in different languages. This option makes things easy if you have specific RSVP questions that you’d like to ask guests who speak one language and not the other or events that are language-specific (i.e., event will primarily be attended by guests who all speak the same language.)

If you do not have language-specific events or RSVP questions, then we still think that creating multi-language event descriptions and multi-language RSVP questions is the easiest from a logistics perspective. How you tackle this part of your website is completely up to you!

glosite wedding website dual language RSVPs

Multiple versions of wedding invitations and save the dates

In contrast to your wedding website, where we suggest combining multiple languages in one place, for invitations and save the dates we suggest creating different versions for each language. The benefit is that you’re not trying to cram too many words together in a smaller space, plus you can customize the invitation wording as needed for each audience.  If you are sending email wedding invitations on, you can create an unlimited versions of an invitation and then easily send each version to the appropriate set of guests.

email wedding invitations glosite
Some specifics

Logins and Passwords

Glosites require that guests log in to view the Events and RSVP pages so that we know what events to display for the guest that is viewing. If your guest clicks through from an email wedding invitation or Glo message, they will be logged in automatically. However, if they come to your site by typing in the URL (for instance, if you are sending paper invitations and including the URL), then guests will need to log in using their email address or by searching for their name (it’s your choice.) The login instructions are in English, but any browser with an automatic translator installed will translate these instructions. To be on the safe side, you can also opt include a note on this login page to give your non-English speaking guests any extra guidance they might need. You’ll find this feature on “Manage Glösite” > “Privacy and Login settings.”

You can also choose whether each guest should choose a password the first time they log in to your site to prevent others from logging in with their email address/name. Again, these instructions are in English and will be translated via the browser or you can incorporate directions into your note. You can also decide to turn the password feature off, which means guests won’t need to think about it. It depends on how secure you would like for your site to be.

RSVP submission button

The text on the RSVP submission button is in English, however browsers with a translation feature installed with automatically translate this for your guest. If you prefer, you can also include a note at the top of the RSVP page to let non-English speaking guests know to click this button to submit their RSVPs.


Do you have any other tips for inviting and organizing multi-lingual wedding guests? Let us know in the comments!


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How to Add a Google Map to Your Wedding Website

Glosite how to add a google map wedding website

Let’s face it – since the average wedding today has tons of out of town guests, you’re probably going to have a good number of guests who have no idea where they are going. Maps are about to become your guests’ best friend – and fortunately for them, you can add lots of maps to your wedding website. Previously, we’ve talked about how to create a fun “things to do and see” map for your wedsite, but today’s post is all about the step-by-step instructions for how to add a driving directions map to your Glösite. (Though these instructions are relevant for any website where you can paste in custom HTML code.)

Here we go:

1) Make a Map

Head on over to Google Maps and enter a destination or starting point in the location field

1 - google maps glosite wedding website

2) Get started with directions

Roll over the section on the left and click on the “directions” link

2 - directions google map glosite wedding website

3) Finalize directions

Enter the starting point where guests will be coming from or to (depending on what you chose in step 1) – double check that your “from” and “to” locations are correct on the map.  You can choose the mode of transportation: car, public transit, walking, etc. at the top. If the results show multiple ways to get from point A to point B, choose the one you prefer guests to use by clicking on the blue or grey path on the map or the choices listed below the to/from details.

3 - destination google map glosite wedding website


4) Click the Maps Menu

In the top, left of the page, click on the menu icon (the one that looks like a hamburger with several vertical lines.) This opens the menu

4 - destination google map glosite wedding website


5) Create an embedable map

On the menu, click “Share or embed map”

5 - embed google map glosite wedding website


6) Format map and copy code to clipboard

Click on the “Embed map” tab – on this tab you can choose the size of map you’d like to embed. Then highlight and copy (control-X) the embed code to your clipboard

6 - customize google map glosite wedding website

7) Add the map to your Glö Wedding Website (your glosite)

Head on over to your account. Navigate to the page where you would like to embed the map. When you are editing the page, you have two options for pasting in the code. The first is pasting it into the Widget Box – this will place the map at the bottom of the page. The second option is to click the HTML button on the text editor – this will allow you to paste the code directly into the text area on the page and the map can appear anywhere (e.g., before or after other text, photos, etc. on the page.)

(Hint: you can also embed the map in an Event description using the HTML button on the event description text editor.)

7 add map to glosite wedding website

8) Preview your map on your Glö wedding website

View your Glosite wedding website, navigate to the page where you’ve just added the map and there it is!

8 view map on glosite wedding website copy

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New Email Wedding Invitations Design Features

glosite email wedding invitations and wedding websites

Earlier this week, we quietly rolled out a few new design features for our email wedding invitations. Now we’re ready to shout about them! Up until now, you’ve been able to choose an online wedding invitation template from our boutique or create and upload your own design  template.

Of course, you can also edit the wording for your save the date or invitation, as well as add images, customize the envelope stamp, and choose envelope font colors for the “to” and “from” names.

Now you can do even more to customize your online wedding invitations to fit your personality. Here are the new features:

Edit the envelope liner color or design

Choose a custom color – choose a color from the color picker that works with your invitation design. If you have a particular color in mind – you can also enter the hex code for an exact match

glosite email wedding invitation liner color copy

Upload a design – upload a photo or image with a pattern that you love and this pattern will fill your envelope liner

glosite email wedding invitation liner pattern copy

Edit the background color or design

Choose a custom color – choose a pop of color to brighten things up or select a color that has a good contrast with your invitation design to make it stand out

glosite email wedding invitation background color

Upload a design – the best option here is to upload a patterned design that will seamlessly repeat (we call it “tiling”) – that way the design will fill the entire screen no matter what screen size your guests are using when viewing

glosite email wedding invitation background pattern copy

Customize the Navigation Labels

glosite email wedding invitation label


You’ll find all of these new features when you are editing your Glövite invitations on your account! If you’re stuck on what wording and text to include on your wedding invitations or save the dates, how to address your envelopes or how to word your RSVPs, we wrote a handy mini-series earlier in the year covering these topics:

Read Part 1 of this miniseries, which covers Save the Dates.
Read Part 2 of this miniseries, which covers RSVP wording.
Read Part 3 of this miniseries, which covers wedding invitations.
Read Part 4 of this miniseries, which covers addressing invitations.

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How to include a URL link on your wedding website

glosite add a URL link to wedding website

We often get questions about how to add a URL link to a wedding website – one that your guests can click on to take them to another webpage. Adding a link can be helpful when you are listing accommodation options, things to do in the area, information about your venue, or even links to you registries. Kate and David used a ton of links to help their guests find babysitters, taxis, and activities for their wedding.

glosite wedding website URL link

Each text editor works a little bit differently, but the principle should be similar across them all.  On our text editor, the button to add a URL link looks like a chain link. Here is a quick video tutorial that walks you through how to add an active URL link to your Glosite wedding website.