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Post-Wedding Planning Tasks

post-wedding planning tasks glosite wedding websites

Photo by The Typical Female Magazine

We know we know we know! Thinking about post-wedding planning tasks is a bit of a downer. BUT! These last minute to-do items are important, and we want to help you save time, energy, and tears by planning ahead for them. Don’t worry! They’re not so bad.

Order your photos

If you have a print agreement with your photographer, this process is as simple as selecting photos days or weeks after your wedding and ordering your favorites. Going through all of these precious moments is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding, if you ask us! You’ll see moments you’ll love to remember, moments you may have missed, and moments you may choose to print and keep forever.

If you don’t have a straightforward print agreement, then there are dozens of printing options out there depending on your location and your budget. These creative ideas for framing, mounting, and displaying your favorite memories are worth exploring to make your framed photos a special touch.

Undoubtedly, your guests took all kinds of photos during your special day. Check out these apps and tools for sharing, storing, and gathering them.

Change your name

If you’ve decided to adopt a new name, the first thing you’ll need is your marriage certificate, which is usually mailed to you automatically. Unfortunately, the process doesn’t end there. Start by making a list of all of your accounts, subscriptions, and services. Then, follow our handy dandy guide for getting this bureaucratic mess checked off your list!

Show your gratitude

Opening wedding gifts is awesome. Writing thank you notes is slightly less awesome. Chances are, your guests either traveled a great distance to attend your wedding or got you something fabulous from your gift registry

It seems like a daunting task, but thank you notes are so important. Break it into smaller pieces by starting notes as soon as gifts start coming in. Keep a list of all your goodies with your guest list and tackle it 30 minutes at a time each night after work. The Knot has more tips for making this process easier. Above all: don’t forget the wine.

Settle up

Be sure you’ve paid all of your vendors! You know who they are.

Revisit your registry

Did you get some duplicate gifts? Does that decoupage wall art your great aunt get you make your skin crawl? Now is the time to get these gifts returned or exchanged for something that suits you a little better. Many stores and sites have specific return policies, so look into these to make sure your return doesn’t need to be rushed in.

There is is! Your wedding planning is over. Now it’s time to plan your next vacation.


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Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Name

step by step guide to changing your name glo email wedding invitations

Photo by Ben Rosett 

Many couples in the United States decide on changing their last names after marriage. This doesn’t simply apply to women who take their husband’s name anymore: more men are taking their wife’s name, women are hyphenating or mixing names, and same sex couples are choosing shared surnames for their families. (see our guide to this process here).

Most US states will automatically mail you a copy of your marriage certificate after your wedding. This is such an exciting feeling, but it doesn’t mean the process is over. Put that certificate in a frame, have a glass of wine if needed, and follow this step-by-step process for changing your name:

1- Request certified copies of your marriage certificate from the clerk of the county in which you were married. This is something that can be done before your wedding and will make it easier to provide documentation to the respective offices you’ll need to visit.

2- Change your Social Security Number by filling out and submitting this form. It’s best to do this first in case the DMV needs this information to change your name on your driver’s license.  The Social Security Administration will report your name change directly to the IRS, so you don’t have to worry about filing any tax forms (woo hoo!).  

3- Change your driver’s license at your DMV. Requirements for this vary state to state, so check ahead of time to see what forms you’ll need to fill out. While you’re there, change the name on any vehicle registrations or titles that you have.

4- Change your name on any accounts:  insurance (health, property, and life), student loans, property titles, utility bills, gym memberships, credit card accounts and doctors offices. This process can be done over time, but it might be best to knock out all at once. Fortunately, this can mostly be done online these days, so pick a good movie and hop to it!

5- Change the name on your passport. Fill out and submit form DS-5504 to the US State Department.


Name Changing Services

If you have a lot on your plate with work, family, or other post-wedding tasks, it’s easy to find a service to take care of the tedium for you. Here are some of the favorites that we’ve found. For a fee, they will take care of the process for you and guarantee the job gets done. 


Name Change Kit

Marriage Name Change


Inspiration, Q & Advice

Modern Guide to Changing Your Name After Marriage

glosite-wedding-website-email-wedding-invitation-changing name after marriage

Photo by Lauren Colchamiro

Are you feeling a little differently about taking your spouse’s name now that you aren’t scribbling it on your eighth grade notebook? You’re not alone. With all the headway modern society has made in marriage equality and feminism, the tradition of a name change after marriage has undergone some necessary updates as well. While many men and women have decided that a name change is perfect for them, there is a full spectrum of modern options to consider that may best suit your unique situation. Here is our modern guide to changing (or not changing) your name after your wedding.

For the majority of modern couples, the idea of taking a spouse’s last name is a romantic tradition that they are happy to take part in. There are in-between options (for same sex couples, as well) including hyphenation á la Beyoncé Knowles-Carter or a second last name like Angelina Jolie Pitt.

The New York Times recently reported that the number of women who keep their maiden name is on the rise and that many women of these women are not changing their names simply for the sake of convenience. They don’t want to go through the legal hassle, they want their careers to stay the same, and they want to make sure people can still find them on social media.

Some women feel, as they did in the 70s, that changing their names presents an issue of equality. Even with hyphenation, women aren’t necessarily comfortable with taking on a man’s identity while he is not taking on hers. Emily LaFave Olson changed back to her maiden name two years after taking her husband’s name at their wedding. As she shared last month in Huffington Post, her modern, happy medium with her husband involved each of them changing their middle names to the other’s last name (he became Rob Olson LaFave and she became Emily LaFave Olson).

Since the Supreme Court’s decision to honor marriage equality in the US has made a whole lot of people really happy, it brings a new question of tradition to light: is name change a thing for same sex couples? As Vogue recently reported, many same sex couples decide not to change their names. If they do decide to do so, it is often for the sake of keeping a united family name between children and parents. Couples often simply choose the last name that they like best between their names. Some choose to duke it out the old fashioned way with a bet or even a soccer game.

If your romance is cross cultural, there may be some more aspects of tradition to consider when considering a name change. For example, if an American woman marries a Korean man, it’s important that she understand what her in laws expect or what traditions prevail in Korea. She might not want a Korean name as a non-Korean, or she may love the idea of taking her husband’s name. Offbeat Bride has more insight for international couples here.

Overall, the biggest question in regard to be mindful of with legal name change seems to be which name should go to your children. Above all, don’t stress. This decision is all about what feels right to you and your partner.

Spice up your Site

New Feature: Wedding Website Registry Page

One of the first question your wedding guests will ask is “Where are you registered?” Most of our Glo-bies make their own registry page for their wedding website. However, we have a new wedding website registry page template available, just in case it makes life easier for you.

To find this feature, go to “Manage Glösite (your website)” or click the pink “View your Glösite” button to view your site as an admin. Then, scroll down to the list of pages, find the page that says “Registry (Registry),” and click the edit icon. In the section titled “Registry Information,”  you can add the name, link, and an image for each registry you would like to feature.

glosite wedding website registry page information

Once you’ve saved the page, we’ll then display each of your links directly on your Glosite wedding website registry page. You can see an example of a completed Glo registry page on Broen and Kristin’s Wedding Website.

wedding website registry page

On your registry page, you can link to any registries that you have set up. This might include physical stores, online stores, or even virtual cash registries. If the standardized registry listings won’t work for you, you can also use the text are of your registry page. This area is perfect if you want to add Paypal Registry Buttons or other information that you’d like to share.

Note: If you had previously created a registry page on your website before this feature was launched, we will still add this new Registry page to your account the next time you log in. However, this page will be turned off or “unpublished” on your site to prevent duplicate content. For all new Globies signing up for the first time, this page will be published along with your other pages.

Spice up your Site

New Feature: Add To Calendar Button For Each Event On Your Wedding Website

glosite wedding website add to calendar button feature

At Glo, we want to make things easy for your to plan your wedding, organize your guestlist and share information via a fully featured wedding website. We also want to make things as easy as possible for your guests to receive all of the information they need, submit their wedding RSVPs online, and get where they need to go when they need to be there.

For this reason, we’ve created an optional add to calendar button for each of the events on your wedding website. This requested feature that allows guests to add the event information, including event name, location, start and end time and event description, directly into their calendar.

To use this feature, head on over to the page where you edit your event description. In the new section called Event Information, add or update the start and end date for the event. It can end on the same day, or be a multi-day event. Below, edit the event location if you would like this to be included in the calendar event.

glosite wedding website calendar information

Once saved, your guests will see the “add to calendar” icon next to the event name on both the Events and RSVPs pages of your wedding website.

glosite wedding website calendar icon

Spice up your Site

New feature: Filtering Wedding RSVPs By Guest Type

glosite online wedding RSVP filter feature

You took the smart route by collecting online wedding RSVPs, choosing exactly the right RSVP wording, and working so hard to reel in all those RSVP responses. Now we want to make viewing and sorting your RSVPs even easier. For instance, have you ever wanted to know how many children are attending your reception? Or how many  “out of towners” are coming to the rehearsal dinner? It’s now a million times easier with our new RSVP filter feature.

In the “Manage Events and RSVPs” section, you’ve previously been able to view a snapshot summary of all RSVP responses for an event. This summary sums up all responses so that you know how many guests provided which answer.

glosite online wedding RSVP summary

Now, you can also view responses for adults and children, or guests who have a particular tag, like “out of town,” “bride side,” or “wedding party.” This removes the need to tally these responses by hand or in a spreadsheet.

glosite online wedding RSVP filtered responses

As always, if you want to see the detailed responses for a particular Event, just click on the detailed responses link to view everything on one page. This page can be sorted by column and all RSVP responses can be downloaded to a CSV if you’d like to have them in hand or work with them in Excel, GoogleDocs or Numbers.

glosite online wedding RSVPs detailed responses


2016 Is the Year of the Paperless Wedding

email wedding invitation garden party template

Garden Party paperless design available on Glösite from e.m.papers

Obviously, Glösite is really big on paperless weddings (so much that we built an entire business about them). If you’ve just started planning your wedding, you might be wondering the best approach to your invitations. Here are our favorite reasons to go paperless in 2016. We think you’ll like them, too.  

Paperless weddings save time. In the time it takes to make a guest list, collect mailing addresses, choose a printing design and have it approved, send out a save the date, choose another print design and have it approved…You get the point. Dealing with printers and mailing out save the dates and/or invitations may adhere nicely with tradition, but it takes a whole heck of a lot of time. With a paperless wedding, all you have to do is choose a template from the comfort of your home, imput guest email addresses, and set up a simple, custom website for your guests. Badda bing.

Paperless weddings save waste.  There’s no good reason in our modern age to contribute to the trash islands in the ocean (in addition to contributing to deforestation and water pollution that’s linked to the production of paper). Of course, paper wedding invitations can serve as beautiful souvenirs for your guests (you know your grandmother would probably love to get an invite to your big day in the mail). If you’re concerned about those who want the souvenir, you can always print 20 or so invites for those who will really want to save them as mementos and leave the rest to the e-vites. E.m.papers creates fabulous paperless designs that are printable as well! 

Paperless weddings make communication easier.  A paperless email wedding invitation allow you to get all of the vital information about your event directly to people’s email. This not only saves the hassle of collecting physical addresses and returned mail, but also makes RSVPs simple and streamlined for your guests. Instead of getting 20 different questions from who-knows-how-many guests each week about what to wear, where to stay, and what the wedding itinerary will be, you can direct them to your handy dandy wedding website. This agile, real-time tool will allow you to spend less time communicating and more time going to work, cleaning your house, meeting for brunch, and doing all of the important things that still need to get done when you’re planning your wedding.

Paperless weddings save money. On average, printed wedding invitations will cost anywhere from $300-$2000. That’s without save the date notices or stamps or all of the time it takes to get them finalized and out the door. A monthly paperless wedding invitation service will save money that you can spend on a venue, a dress, or–even better–your honeymoon.

Paperless weddings save energy and precious sanity.  Because it’s much easier to drink wine while building a website than it is to drink wine while keeping all of your addresses organized.



Keep Cooking with Our Favorite Food Blogs of 2016

best food blogs cooking cocktails

Photo by Patryk Dziejma

We know firsthand how difficult it can be to opt to cook at home each night. But, as we all know too well at this point, cooking at home is healthier, more cost effective, and really seriously can be enjoyable we swear. Here are our favorite food blogs to help keep the chore of cooking fun.

For the Basics

Apartment Therapy is a must read, and so is its sister cooking blog, The Kitchn. This staple made the list because it covers all of the important basics in addition to delicious, easy recipes. After all, what good is a decadent pork chop recipe if you’re not sure how to cook a delicious, tender pork chop? Once you’ve gotten that part down, they’ll teach you how to throw the perfect gatheringm make a batch of cocktails, and properly clean all of your cookware. If you’d prefer your cookbooks in analog form, their bestselling cookbook is a must have in any kitchen.

For Those with Mouths to Feed

Jenny Rosenstrach has written for publications like Bon Appetit, The New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, and Real Simple. She also runs cooking blog Dinner: A Love Story to help parents put food on the table. The simple, straighforward recipes on this blog are accessible to just about any picky eater at your table and come with loads of tips about freezing and preparing meals as quickly and painlessly as possible. Besides all of that, the recipes are crazy delicious–whether or not you have wee ones.

For the Vegans

If health is on your mind, then you may have considered eating fewer animal products (or maybe you’ve cut it out altogether by now, in which case, we salute you, earthly warrior). The recipes on Wholly Goodness are so inventive and inspiring that you may forget about cooking with meat altogether. The food blog was nominated for a 2016 Saveur Blog award, and the beautiful photography and thoughtful writing certainly live up to the honor.

For Your Sweet Tooth

The Sugar Hit is simply too much fun. Hailing from the Netherlands, this food blog covers all things baking, from savory scones to the greatest cakes you’ve ever seen. The design is surprising, playful, and fun–just how baking should be.

If You Just Need a Drink

We feel you. That’s why we aren’t strangers to Drink Straight Up. This simple WordPress site covers everything from classic pre-prohibition cocktails to all the hottest trends in libations. Our favorite part, though, is the technique section. Stop by to learn all of the tips and tricks that will get you tending your home bar like a pro in no time flat.

Inspiration, Q & Advice

Balanced, modern-minded and practical sources for (all types of) relationship advice


where to find relationship advice

Photo by Maxwell Photography

Are you looking for advice about a tricky relationship? Usually we are, too. Here are our favorite sources for tried and true relationship advice, wisdom, and insight.  Because the intricacies of human relationships can be all but impossible to tackle sometimes. 

A Practical Wedding

You must know by now that we Glo-bies are huge fans of A Practical Wedding. Whether you’re planning your wedding or you’ve been out of the honeymoon stage for a while, APW is going to get you through your relationship roadblocks, your cocktail parties, your budget obstacles, and your wardrobe malfunctions. Truly indispensable tips and advice for couples, friends, relatives and loners alike.

Dear Sugar

Long before Cheryl Strayed’s runaway bestseller Wild made it to the big screen, she was working as an anonymous advice columnist for The Rumpus. Her heartfelt column, Dear Sugar, answered letters that explored the depths of people’s weaknesses, heartbreaks, jealousies and despairs (the column stopped in 2012, but we promise the archives are totally worth reading—just make sure you have a tissue handy). Today, you can find Dear Sugar on Boston’s WBUR. Writers Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond offer their wisdom and experiences to all kinds of important questions. This is a must listen–whether or not you’re in the market for relationship advice.

Lenny Letter

Lena Dunham and Jenni Conner hit a home run with HBO’s Girls. Then, they combined all their trademark candor and applied it to a weekly, long form e-newsletter. This feminist staple boldly faces the modern world and the women who are contributing to it (there’s even a piece about a vajacial). At its core, Lenny is about women and the complexities of their relationships with each other and with themselves delivered weekly to your inbox.

Brain Pickings

This beautiful blog cultivates wisdom from classic Literature, scientific findings, TED talks, and more. These meditations, musings, and inspirations are as beautifully written as they are deeply insightful. Visit for the relationship tips and stay for the book recommendations.

Man Repeller

The workplace is challenging. Just showing up is hard sometimes, besides considering how to get away with athleisurewear as much as humanly possible. Our relationships with our work pose big questions, and ultimately big rewards. So do our friendships, our love lives, and our wardrobes. To navigate this, we turn to Man Repeller, the modern woman’s secret weapon. The Monocycle podcast offers work advice that is sure to get you in the zone. Ask Isaac offers kind and helpful relationship advice. They’ve even got your gym etiquette covered.

DIY, Inspiration

Our Favorite Wedding Planning Apps for 2016

glosite best wedding planning apps 2016

Technology has made planning a complicated event like a wedding a million times easier. There are so many wedding planning tools out there that things can be rather overwhelming, so here are some of the best wedding planning apps we could find to get you started!

For your Lookbook: The Knot Lookbook (on iOS and Android)

This wedding planning app is brilliant for your planning phase. You’ll find inspiration for everything from dresses to venues to engagement rings that will help you build your ideal picture for your happy day. You can save your favorites, book appointments with local vendors, and even buy accessories. Best of all? It’s free on both iOS and Android.

the knot lookbook wedding planning app

For your wedding website, email invitations and guestlist management: Glo (

We’re partial, but we have to recommend Glo for your wedding website, email invitations and guest list management. It will help save time, stress and tears during the planning process – and everyone needs that! You can consider Glo as command central for your guest list and use the service to invite, inform, and organize your guests and allll those RSVPs.

glosite wedding websites email wedding invitations

For your task lists: Wedding Happy

Instead of wondering what it is you should be doing for your wedding planning at any given time (because you know deep down there’s always something), let this app sort it out for you. It breaks your to-do list into day-to-day tasks that you can add notes to and check off as you go. Best of all, it lets you know when to start thinking about tasks like researching caterers or booking photographers.

wedding happy wedding planning app

For your budget: Wedding Budget Calculator

Because keeping track of a handwritten budget is a nightmare. This Android app sets reminders for common budget suckers that you may have overlooked, keeping you informed and in control.

wedding planning apps budget calculator

For your registry: Zola

Building your wedding registry is arguably one of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning. Zola makes it even better (gasp!) because you can add services, group gifts,and experiences—even a honeymoon fund—to your guest options as well. Would you rather put money toward a home remodel than a host of small appliances? Zola makes it possible.

wedding planning apps zola registry

For your photos: Wedpics

It’s safe to assume that hundreds of photos are going to be snapped during your wedding. It’s also safe to assume that they’ll be hard to round up from people after the fact. Invite your guests by email, text or Facebook invite to your Wedpics account, and all of your guest’s wedding photos will be posted in the same place. If they add your unique wedding hashtag, they can be made public, too!

wedding planning apps wed pics

Follow our blog for more wedding tech tips like sprucing up your website, choosing a #weddinghashtag and creating gorgeous save the dates!