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Wedding Hack: How to Make Big Batch Wedding Cocktails


Photograph by Natali Truax of Mirror Mirror Studio.

We’ve been talking a lot about wedding hacks around here. You know, clever ways to make your wedding more awesome, that don’t cost an arm and a leg. The goal with wedding hacks, in general, is to keep the impact high but the effort low. To that end, we’ll be running a series on some of our favorite hacks, starting with this easy one for offering signature cocktails without all the hassle using a big batch cocktail mixing method…

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Real Glö-bies

Karen and Michelle’s colorful (blue-centric), laughter-filled wedding

karen and michelle glosite email wedding invitations

Photos by Amanda Summerlin

The Glö-Couple (tell us a fun fact about each of you):

Karen, Homeless Education, just learning about animated movies (find Karen on twitter and Wordpress) and
Michelle, Veterinary Technician, reptile lover

Celebration Date & Location:

April 12, 2014
Greensboro, NC
Our church, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greensboro 

Tell us how you got engaged:

No specific engagement story, we…

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Q & Advice

How Much Should I Budget For A Wedding?

glosite wedding website email wedding invitations copyPhoto by Ethan Killian Photography

In one of our latest blog posts, we talked about how to begin establishing priorities in order to create a wedding budget. Once you and your betrothed sit down and decide the overall look and feel of your wedding (including the size, time of year, and ideal location), it’s much easier to to flesh out your wedding budget and assign monetary value to each of those items.

Remember, the amount you spend is *not* representative of…

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What to Put in Wedding Welcome Bags That Your Guests Will Actually Want


Custom door hangers for your wedding welcome bags from Sarah Elizabeth Arts on Etsy.

It has recently become rather trendy to provide guests with wedding welcome bags, particularly for those throwing a wedding weekend or destination wedding. The first thing to say about this is that welcome bags are completely optional. Like favors, if they matter to you and you have the time, energy, and financial resources to make them happen, great. But if not? Skip ‘em.

That said, if you are going to…

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Q & Advice

Decoding the wedding dress code

glosite wedding dress code copyPhoto by PearTree Pictures

In our last blog post, we discussed how to set priorities when budgeting for a wedding. We touched briefly on choosing and communicating how your guests should dress for your big day.

Alternately, you may have been invited to a wedding recently and felt unsure of what to wear. You are not alone! Many factors shape what a guest should wear to a wedding.

If the invitation doesn’t say “black tie optional” or “beach chic,”…

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Q & Advice

How Do I Create A Wedding Budget?

how to create a wedding budgetAntique Crackle Piggy Bank by The Pig Pen on Etsy

When it comes to creating an appropriate wedding budget, you’ll have a few things to consider. Don’t fret. An easy place to begin is by deciding whether you want a large or small wedding.

With all of the options available, budgeting for a wedding can end up feeling like a choose-your-own-adventure. Adventure is the right word, too, as wedding planning can (and should) be fun! Let’s embark on the early stages…

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How To Add an Instagram Hashtag Feed To Your Wedding Website

glosite how to add an instagram feed to wedding websiteInstagram photo prop by What is Scrapbooking on Etsy

Are you using social media for your wedding? Follow and tag us or use #glowedding. We’d love to see your photos, posts and tweets! (We’re sharing our favorites.)

You’ve chosen a brilliant #weddinghashtag and shared this with your guests. Well done you! But how do you keep everything in one place – especially all of those fabulous Instagram pics? One option…

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Q & Advice

It’s #WeddingSeason and You Need a Hashtag!

glosite wedding hastag wedding websitesCustom Wedding Hashtag Doormat by BeThereInFive on Etsy

Are you using social media for your wedding? Follow and tag us or use #glowedding. We’d love to see your photos, posts and tweets! (We’re sharing our favorites.)
Some things about wedding planning are timeless: the rings, the dress, the invites. And some things are completely in the present. Like the wedding hashtags you keep seeing on social media postings (on Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook). Much like shopping for a…

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Q & Advice

Which wedding guests should be invited the rehearsal dinner

which guests to invite to rehearsal dinnerDIY Vintage Wedding Seating Chart available from Vintage House Creation on Etsy

So you’ve chosen the venue, created your wedding website layout, designed your wedding invitations, and thinned out the guest list. It’s time to decide who gets invited to the rehearsal dinner!

So, who should you invite? If you’re grappling between keeping your rehearsal dinner small or inviting a crowd, we have…

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Q & Advice

4 ways to make wedding travel easier for out-of-town guests

glosite make travel easy for your wedding guests

Depending on the location of your wedding (local or destination), travel options need to be plentiful and affordable for in and out-of-town wedding guests to easily make their way. Even a local wedding can mean crossing state lines for some folks. (Your “local wedding” may still a “destination wedding” for some.) We do live in the digital age, after all. Because of social media, many of our friendships last longer and extend across the miles! So let’s get down to business and make traveling…

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