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Our Five Favorite Websites for Great Wedding Advice

We’ve been talking about wedding hacks this month, and one of the best hacks for your wedding planning process is knowing where to look for great wedding advice. The internet is a big place, and the world of wedding blogs can feel like a sea of Things That Will Make You Crazy if you don’t know where to look. Between all of the aspirational photos on the blogs (apparently you have to be a millionaire supermodel to have a nice wedding) and the power of Pinterest, it can be really difficult to find useful wedding advice and inspiration that is actually, well, inspiring. But never fear! Here are some of our absolute favorite places for great wedding advice, visual inspiration that doesn’t look ripped from the pages of Vogue (but is still stylish as hell), and advice on how to create a real wedding budget.

A Practical Wedding: Or APW, is simply one of the best spaces for wedding advice on the internet. From heartfelt pieces on wedding planning, to an excellent advice column on dealing with all sorts of drama, to actually really cool DIY tutorials, APW has all the information you need to plan a wedding that is fun, meaningful, and looks rad. Oh, and they also have stories on marriage. Because, you know, the wedding is just the beginning.

table flowers

How to plan your wedding details, or decide to pass on them. Photo by Alakija Studios.

Wedding Lovely: Looking for spreadsheets, online tools, budget calculators, and more? Wedding Lovely has all that, plus beautiful real weddings to inspire you, smart advice, and a blog full of interviews with seasoned wedding pros (including Glö founder Taryn!). You can also invite someone to plan with you, and the planning dashboard is cleverly set up to link to articles about each item on your checklist. It’s got all the best features of a planning checklist, but with flexibility for things you decide you just don’t need.

Offbeat Bride: Since 2007, Offbeat Bride has been talking about what it’s like to plan a wedding when you are just a little…different. How can you create a wedding that reflects your style, when your style has nothing to do with white, lace, taffeta, and a monstrous budget? Offbeat is the place for you. This is a great place for real weddings with alternative style, bright hair colors, and great advice on being yourself while planning a wedding.

Budget Savvy Bride: Look, we’re all trying to save a little money on our weddings. But Budget Savvy Bride takes it to the next level, with great tips on how to not just save money, but make the money you do spend count. One of their best features is a series of real weddings, organized by budget, so you can see what is possible within your parameters. It’s all about making your budget work you you, of course, and having realistic expectations about what is possible with whatever resources are available. They’ve also got practical advice on things like buying your own tablecloths, managing rentals, and a series on super cheap DIYs.

Green Wedding Shoes: So, this one falls into the category of a little more traditional as far as wedding blogs go. You’ll most find visual inspiration here, including both real weddings and “inspiration shoots” with models and professionals. But the point of view at Green Wedding Shoes is a little more unusual, and includes modern, rustic, and other creative ideas that will make you go “oooooooh pretty” and also “I can do that.”

Where are some of your favorite places for wedding advice and inspiration? Tell us in the comments, or let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! We’d love to hear from you.


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